Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dance Bag

D is taking dance class this year and needs a bad to hold her ballet and tap shoes. I decided not to spend the $20 buck on a store bought bag so I made her a bag. I went a little crazy on the embellishments so the bag actually ended up costing the same as if I had bought it at a store but that's ok. It was fun to do and looks awesome. The pictures actually just don't do it justice.

I would normally give directions but it's so easy you wouldn't need them. It's just iron-on appliques from the craft store, a blank canvas bag and tulle. I used fabric glue because I was too lazy to sew. You just set them where you want on your bag (or whatever item  you are creating like an apron, shirt, etc.) and lay a thing cotton piece of material (you can buy these, but I just use old cloth diapers) and iron according to the directions on your iron-ons. Super easy right?

But if you want a bag (apron, hat or anything) and don't want to make it yourself, contact me to order one. They can be customized in anyway for any activity or interest.

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