Thursday, December 8, 2011

What do I do all day?

I was at my husbands company party a week ago and was really enjoying myself... but at one point at the dinner table I yawned. A young girl who was one of DHs employees asks if I was ok. I said I'm fine... "Just a little tired". She responds with "How can you be tired? You don't work and you spend your day with kids."

Now I know her comment was made out of the blissful ignorance of youth... and thankfully from the look of disgust, shock and fear on every other face at the table they knew just how inappropriate the comment was. (Look, you don't have to be a mom or know what a moms deals with daily to know that's rude.) But because she was young and stupid I didn't fret too much. I told her I spend all day running and busy as another young (and much smarter) girl said "My mom always said the hardest job you will ever have is raising kids." See some people at DHs work do have a brain.

Gee why am I tired? What do I do?

Well let's just pick a Tuesday for example...
6am: Wake up the house for work or school and lay back down hoping to sleep a little longer.

6-7am: Take a shower and hunt for the laundry basket because I know I washed my favorite jeans so they have to be somewhere. Don't leave the room because if I do they will make me do stuff for them!!!

7-7:29am: Everyone gone. Start a load of laundry and put away the basket. I still haven't found my jeans.

7:30am: D wakes up. I rush back to bed to fake like I'm sleeping and hope she'll just go back to her room so I can finish the laundry but she smacks me in the face and jabs me to pry open my eyes. It's no use. She's not going back to her room.

7:31-7:45: Make Breakfast while cleaning dishes that magically appeared in sink after I already washed everything last night.

7:45-9am: Work on TBMG site, blog, pay bills, schedule appointments. Get D started on her "school work" which she decides to tear up and use as snow.

9-10am: Work on PTSO and fundraiser work for kids schools while doing a craft with D related to todays school topic. After craft clean glue stick out of D hair and nose. It may be in her teeth too but since it's non-toxic I'll only worry about the parts that may get it onto the furniture.

10-12pm: Clean house as D follows me around "uncleaning" house.

12-1pm: Make and eat Lunch and go for walk around block before D goes stir crazy and destroys the house so I have to clean it all over again.

1-2pm: Coupon clipping and matching up up the computer. D destroys the nice clean house while I'm occupied.

2-2:30: Dress D. Let the dogs out. Dress D again because somehow in the 5 minutes it took the dogs to pee her first outfit is missing and she is sitting in the middle of the floor naked.

2:30-3:30pm: Pick up my son from his school. D is screaming in the back seat for attention.

3:30-4:30pm: D is in dance class. A sits on the bench doing homework. I am making the grocery list or checking on the site.

4:30-5pm: Pick up B from Cheerleading practice. D is screaming because her imaginary friend is fighting with her.

5-6pm: Drive Home. I hate rush hour traffic. D is now singing "The song that never ends".

6-7pm: Get Groceries. All my couponing is wasted because the 3 kids spent more on the junk food that's ended up in the cart then I saved with all my clippings.

7-8pm: Turn on website and try to work while cooking dinner and eating. D throws her plate on the floor by "accident" right after saying she didn't want to eat and I told her she has to.

8-9pm: Get kids all showered or bathed and ready for bed. Kitchen clean. House is a wreck again all while working on the site.

9pm-12am: Work on site and try to finish up things that didn't get finished during the day only to realize I forgot about half the stuff I was supposed to do and now I have to try to remember it all tomorrow.

If I'm lucky I am asleep by 1am. If I am even luckier D won't come in and wake me at 2am and keep me up past 3am.

And this is just the schedule generally for any given day. Some days I don't have to go to the store, others I have to go to several. Some days I skip coupons while other days cleaning takes 4 hours. And with a varying schedule of practices, sports games, playdates or Dr appointments and various other errands... well... you get the idea. And to think I do all this and don't have a "full time job". I think of the moms that fit all this in around 8 hour out of home work days and my head spins.

So no, I have no idea why I'm tired. I don't really do that much.


  1. Noooo, no reason to be tired there. (sarcasm).

    Serously, I think kate and dev share a brain and plot mischievious things lol.

    Chris doesnt get my always being worn out

  2. Hey steffany! good for that girl(ignorant) that you are much more mature than her and did not flip out on her, cuz if that wou be me I would rip her a new !@?!@@!.

    I'm so tired of people that make this kind of comment>