Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Book Review of Life From Scratch by Melissa Ford

I have my Kindle and I can't honestly tell you how I stumbled across the fictional novel Life From Scratch by Melissa Ford, but let's just say I am thankful that I did.

For starters it's not a book about some 20 something socialite trying to shop or sleep her way through Manhatten (which is a nice change from most chick-lit I come across). It's real and fun. I was totally able to relate to the main character of Rachel Goldman, afterall she is a blogger who love food. She blogs and eats her way through a divorce learning her way around a kitchen and around the blog world. (I can soooo relate!) The only thing that I didn't like was how insanely easy it was for Rachel to creat a blog, get followers and not even try! I can only pray this part of the book is totally unrealistc or else I am doing something terribly, terribly wrong!

But I digress... She basically loses herself, finds herself only to realize she has redefine herslef. The story was witty and suprisignly original. And low and behold at the end I of the book I discovered the author, Melissa Ford, was a blogger and contributing editor for and the author of a super cute blog herslef, Stirrup Queens.

Check out the book, check out the blog and for sure stay in the loop because Melissa is supposed to be working on the sequal and once you read the book you won't want to wait to find out what happens in the yummy life of Rachel Goldman.

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  1. Check out any/all of Jen Lancaster's book. I have a bunch of her books on my Nook so they should be on the kindle too. I love her books. I laugh out loud almost the entire book. It's like a blog in book form. She also writes a blog lol.