Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Another camping trip!

Last week was crazy. There was just so much going on and so little time to get everything done I barely had time to think so blogging was off the menu. I at least popped on last Thursday to vent about B and how I feel like I'm somehow being conned on some level but other then that I had few coherent thoughts and the week was a blur of commotion leading to my much anticipated vacation!!!

Now vacations in my family are hard to come by. For starters I have 3 dogs that have to be taken care of when we are gone and I no longer trust any of the borders in my area so we have my dad take care of them. But since it can be an imposition being gone too long seems kind of selfish. Plus James is in sales and when he is not at work our paycheck suffers plus being a supervisor he is needed there regardless so we have to really work to find time for him to take off. Throw in 2 kids in school, one of which we only get part of the time and the toddler and it's hard to find time and activities to accommodate. And of course there is the financial aspect. We can't just blow thousands on a family cruise. Besides my hubby and son are so white they can't be out in the sun too long... we are talking blistered and red burns in any area not saturated with high spf lotion. With all this in mind short stays in cabins seem to work best for us. They are relatively cheap (like average is $100/night). They have electric and all amenities except for TV and phone so you are forced to spend time together. Plus since they have full kitchens and and everything you could want except the boob tube I call it "luxury camping". Some have on site or nearby fishing, or hiking... you know "nature type stuff".

We went for our first cabin stay where everything went wrong a year ago and I blogged all about it on my "Camping... What a Trip!" post. This time things went much better.

We got to the cabin Friday afternoon.

After unloading the car we took the kids fishing. We didn't catch anything bet we had fun trying. We even had D  really fishing with her Dora Pole. At one point after she had already cast and reeled in several times she reeled in and noticed her worm on her shoe. She FREAKED OUT!!! She started running and since it was attached to the line on the pole she was still holding it looked like the worm was chasing her. When she fell over hysterical the worm jumped on her. She freaked out. It was hard to help her because I was laughing so hard. Poor kid was freaked out by EVERYTHING. Bugs, sand, you name it.

On Saturday after driving through the woods we found a hidden spring with a small waterfall and mini rapids.

After that we went back to the cabin and went down to the river and the kids played at the beach area. James and A  tried catching minnows and actually were pretty successful, while D and B played in the sand.

A  even wrote me a love note in the sand. 

Later that day the guys took the minnows back to the river to use as bait but had no luck. But with Easter Sunday a few hours off we did get some egg decorating in.

The next day was Sunday and Easter!!! After looking for eggs and checking out the "Easter Backpacks", we once again went down to the beach but this time we mustered up the nerve to go into the springs. Sure the water was clear but even though you may think 72 degree spring water may not be too cold let me assure you that it is!!! But I did get D to go in with me and the kids played in the current and out in the river.

We left on Monday but for less then 4 days away it was amazing.

And one of the highlights of the trip was James beating the shit out of his forehead. I will go into detials on a later post but I will say that he did it all TO HIMSELF!

And on the way home as a courtesy to my fellow Flridians, we decided to take out a large portion of the lovebug population with my car. You are welcome!

Unfortunately when we came home we came home to a collapsed ceiling and later after a storm my dinning room flooded.... but it's late so I will bitch about that another day.

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