Saturday, April 30, 2011

What kids will do for money!

I will admit that James and I aren't perfect in the parenting arena... but sometimes we are just plan terrible. Like today when we decided to offer my oldest child money if she would sit in the bathroom after he father took a giant poop! We originally offered $1 for 1 minute but she declined. We then sweetened the deal to $5 but she had to stay in there for 5 minutes. She was very hesitant but she had been wanting a Justin Bieber book and this would help her earn the money for it. With that reminder as a but of encouragement she accepted the deal. Of course I had to not only video it but also put it on my blog! Yes, I am twisted but I love it. And a big thanks to Justin Bieber for giving B  something she can obsess over to the extent of enduring the stench of James.

B  has gone into the bathroom and is staying in there of her own free will. Watch the video...  

But just before her time ran out my toddler started throwing a tantrum so we got sidetracked and B  was in there for closer to 10 minuites. Opps, my bad!  Thankfully she can't tell time too well, so we were able to stick with only giving her $5.  

It's amazing what some kids (and often adults) will do for money. Yuck!!!

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