Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sure it's no pool but it's what we got.

I want a pool. It's actually funny because when we looked at houses I specifically did not want one. I figured with kids and drowning risks, maintenance and everything it was a waste. But now I really, really want one.

But since we live on a conservation lot I can't have one... but I have my jacuzzi. I love it. Sure it's just a two-seater (perfect for hubby and me) it's not really "refreshing" on a hot Florida day being a hot tub and all, but it's still wet. I have been known to put a raft in it to float. It's silly but fun. If I turn the jets on it's like a hammock! Sooooo relaxing (at least when the kids leave me alone long enough to relax).

But the reason I really want a pool it for the kids. It'd be nice to all get into it together and with the jacuzzi it just wouldn't work. I'd love to let them run outside and jump into something that wouldn't kill them if they go in headfirst. But for now we have to go to the YMCA which has an amazing water park or we mooch off of friends and family (especially the ones with the heating systems). But when we don't feel like wandering away from the house the kids get in the jacuzzi every chance they get and though they enjoy it it's nothing like a real pool. Well unless your D. To a toddler the jacuzzi is like an above ground pool so since it's perfect size for her we are using it to practice swimming!

Of course my little mermaid has to have her little mermaid with her when she gets in.

I showed her how to go under the water and am trying to get her to do it for a picture. Not only is she not doing it, but she's laughing at me for having the audacity to make the request.

After some negotiation (ok bribes of candy) she lowers herself a little more but still won't go under.

I realize maybe I'm moving to fast. I talk her into putting her mouth in and blowing bubbles.

She finally goes up to her nose but that's it. I guess we'll have to try another day.

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