Saturday, April 9, 2011

Glad I got my butt outta the house for the MNO

Last night was the the "Post Partum Ladies Night" or as we call it the Moms Night Out. It's basically a girls night out with less alchohol, more pg rated venues and earlier curfews. Yesterday I was in a funk and just didn't want to go.

Well I did go, mostly because I had already told everyone I would so I dragged my butt to the bowling alley... and had a lot of fun. We acted crazy and cracked up at the off the walls things people said. At some point one of the gals and me stopped trying to knock down pins and just started trying to see how fast we could throw the bowling ball. Oddly enough this barely effected our score (and I don't mean because we were doing so good). Here's some shots of me acting goofy I stole from Kathryn's facebook page.

 Here I am cooling my hot ass off on the hand dryer!

 I was trying to look crazy and I pulled it off. The problem is... when I make these faces I worry people won't realize it's on purpose. I swear I don't always look like this... at least not all the time. 

Here's the girls. Only 9 showed up be we had a blast.

I don't know why it's sometimes so hard for me to want to go and do things because as I said yesterday I always feel better when I do. Other then hurting my knee because I am a dumb ass and tried to slide to make it into a picture before the camera went off and having a "panic moment" over some feet it was a perfect evening with some awesome ladies I don't get to see often enough. So glad I dragged my lazy ass out of the house. 

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