Tuesday, May 10, 2011

How does my garden grow?

I hate to brag but for not being a gardener and having close to no idea of what I am doing my garden isn't doing too bad.

Here is how it started out:

This is my raised garden box. Bear in mind I had/have no idea of what I am doing so I  just tried to follow the tags that came with the plants. The first row on the left is cucumbers, the second row is green peppers, and the third is lettuce. The entire box on the right is cabbage.

 Here are my strawberry plants. I bought 4 hanging plants and finally planted the strawberry kit I bought. Funny thing about the kit though was I couldn't tell which part of the plants were the roots and which was the stems so I may have planted them upside down. Since nothing has grown in months from the kit I assume I planted it wrong.
 Here are my tomatoes. I am so excited about these. Aren't they pretty?
 And my son wanted grapes so we tried these out too.

 Here is a few weeks later:

Looking good huh?

I have a few small tomatoes growing. 
There are some blossoms on my cucumber plants too!
And look!!! A tiny little strawberry!!!

I've also had a few garden problems:

Mystery hole. I assume something is digging for worms or bugs.

Holes in the cabbage.
Strawberries are being eaten.
 I had weird black rotting spots on my tomatoes. I believe this is blossom rot so I have to add calcium to the soil (if my google searches are correct.)

So far so good...
Sure I haven't gotten a single tomato (thanks to the blossom rot) and most strawberries are tossed out because something else has eaten them before I get a chance to pick them but I do have a promising cucumber sprouting and I realize that I am learning so I am trying to be patient with myself and my plants.

So since this willbe an ongoing learning experience any advice, tips and feedback is always welcome because after all, I'm just starting out and I am learning as I go.

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  1. You're doing fabulous! I'm jealous!

    Are you doing anything to keep the bugs away? I know they can be devastating to a small garden if they arent controlled some how