Monday, May 9, 2011

Not so bad after all...

Well Mothers Day came and went and it turns out most of my worries were for nothing (see post I'm scared of Mothers Day ).

Early Sunday morning I opened some small and goofy gifts from the kids, like ear buds for my ipod, a foot scrubber that suctions to the tub and frying pans. I also got another Pandora charm (I look forward to these every holiday. I love them!)

We then went to breakfast with my abuella and the family and I got my favorite... IHOP's Garden Crepes. They are so yummy! Next up was a drive out to Ellenton for my annual Coach purse. I got two beautiful bags and then we just walked around shopping. It wasn't anything fancy but it was nice, the kids were decently behaved and  we went into every store I wanted. Even the ones they found completely boring (I love shoes and cooking stores). When we got back to Tampa we went to Grill Smith for dinner because I really wanted to try a new place. The day was all about me. (Ok, and a little about the family.)

Mothers Day is my favorite holiday. It's silly but it's about the most important job I have and I work really hard at it and it's nice to be appreciated for it. And the fact that James and the kids really went out of his way to make the day nice meant more then the actual day itself. But there was one small damper...

My son didn't even call me. Ok, I know I'm the step mom and because of that I deal with never having all my kids on Mothers Day and that alone bothers me. But to have him not even call or text hurt a bit. Ok, it hurt a lot. I don't think of A as a step child. He's my son but for him not even to call today... a day later?!?!? Well, it sucks. I realize the kid is only 9 but still. And if he forgot about me then his other mother could have reminded him to at least text or email me. I tell him to call his step dad on fathers day. Anyway, I'll get over it.

But at least the family I had around me made my day as amazing as they could. D said "Happy Mothers Day" probably 100 times and it was super cute. Then when I tucked her in bed she asked what we would do tomorrow and I asked what she wanted to do. She said "I want Mothers Day again." Me too honey, me too.

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