Sunday, August 26, 2012

Big Time Ass at the BTR Concert

Last night was the Big Time Rush concert. Like an idiot I decided to take B to the concert. It's one of those things where I know I am going to be miserable but her enjoyment is worth it (even if just barely).

Since misery enjoys company I dragged along Kathryn and her daughter and a friend of theirs. It stormed all afternoon leading up the the concert. Not the kind of weather you are hoping for at an Amphitheater, especially when you have lawn seats. Since last concert we went to there was rained out I was worried but also strangely hopeful (if it was cancelled I was off the hook and got a refund!). But no such luck. The prayers of hundreds of teen girls prevailed and the weather was actually perfect. The show would go on.

The concert wasn't terrible either. B danced, sang and even cried the tears of a unrequited love for a pop star. The only problem was I set up our area and along comes "one of those people" who sites just behind me.

You know who I mean. The obnoxious person that I always seem to run into. I don't know if I exude some sort of "idiot attraction pheromone" but they always seem to find me. I run into them mostly at Walmart but this one was right here next to me with her kid... and damn was she drunk!!!

What kind of white trash lush goes to a kids concert to get hammered?!?!? She was dancing (aka stumbling) and singing (aka slurring) and her poor kid was begging her with tears in her eyes to stop and sit. And this freak job kept bitching saying "Just wait till I take you to Godsmack and don't let you do anything but sit!". Um... maybe you shouldn't be taking your 8 year old to Godsmack you moron!!!

But even with her bitching she'd sit down and shortly get up (which that alone was amusing to watch) and start thrashing around dancing again. At one point she bumped into her kid and knocker her over the rope that separates the "lawn seating" from a big ass incline to the normal seats. How this inebriated women was able to grab her kid before she rolled down the hill "Princess Bride Style" and pull her back over the rope was fairly impressive.

But this woman was so intoxicated and with her husband doing nothing about it and her kid begging her to stop I found myself hoping she'd hit my kid or me so I'd have reason to clock her! And honestly she was so drunk that it wouldn't have taken much for her to pass out.

I am all for being goofy and embarrassing my kid but this woman was embarrassing herself just as much.

So I spent most of my time playing on the iPhone and hoping for this woman to pass out. There are just some things you shouldn't have to deal with at a concert for kids. I never expected to find a big time ass at the Big Time Rush Show but you never know where "one of those people" will find you!