Tuesday, August 28, 2012

School of Morons

I hate my sons school. I know that sounds harsh but I hate it. A started there last year and no shit, I have never been happy with a single thing they have done.

It honestly concerns me to have my sons education in the hands of complete idiots.

And it's not that I haven't tried. I joined the PTA, chaired committees, volunteered but they don't make it easy. (See Mommy Cliques)

Last year I was at a PTA meeting and was asked to connect the tables and move chairs so everyone could sit. When I had all but one final chair moved the PTA president told me not to sit there since the table seats were for board members. Nice, so I can shuffle furniture for the PTA but I'm not good enough to sit. Nice. I can't tell you how bad I wanted to take the final chair and throw it in her face but thankfully I just left it there and walked away. And even when there were plenty of chairs left they never offered me or any of the "new parents' one. Way to make us feel welcomed.

During a fundraising event I got several donations for a raffle but was told that the event wasn't about making money and we couldn't do it. Ok, well what's the point of a fundraiser if not to RAISE FUNDS?!?!

Later on while planning an event the question of how to mix lemonade came up. They wanted to buy gallons of water to mix it up. It seemed wasteful so I asked why not use the faucet water? After all, the kids drink from it all day right? You would have thought I asked them to use the toilet water from the reaction I got! So needless to say the Mommy Mafia PTA bought water.

On another day my son who walks to my car so I don't have to get out with the toddler went walking to me at dismissal only to have some cow teacher or staff grab him by his backpack. From across the street I saw him pointing at me so I got out of my car and waved so they knew I was his ride. She refused to let him go! I yelled that I need him to cross the to me (like he has done every other day without incident) and she said I had to get in the pick up line. What, you mean the line that is 45 minutes long? The line that will cause me to be late to pick up my other kids since it is stretched about a half mile? Not today lady. So I yelled I had to go now and need my son. It wasn't until I pulled D out of the car and walked to her that she actually let him go. I told him to get in the car and she had the balls to throw up her hand and say "Listen Honey,". But that's all she got out because flipping your hand at me and throwing condescending shit my way is a good way to force me to make you cry. I also reported the cow lady to the school but honestly don't think it did any good.

Plus the teachers are a bit anal with their requirements (a 5 page syllabus? What's that about?). And they do not allow parents to pop in before or after school to talk. Or the $190 in school supplies that I bought and doesn't even cover everything he needs (See School Supply Insanity). And though that is no where near all the bullshit I deal with at this school it's a small example.

And then there was today. Oh today!!! What assholes. Thank God I had signed B out of her school early because with hers getting out at 3:15 (with pick up by 3:30) I would  have been screwed. There is not enough parking and they will call a tow truck (they as in the school) if you park at the neighboring businesses. So this creates a huge issue. Throw in that the car line as I said before is a 45 minute line unless you are there a hour early so I was lucky to pull in as someone was pulling out so I got a spot.

I decided since I had B with me to walk up to the school. School let out (at 3pm) and... no kids came out. Odd right? So standing there with no shade in the blaring Florida sun and blistering heat B and I cooked waiting for A to come out.

As parents surrounded the doors I almost started to panic. Was something wrong? Did something happen? Nope. They were dismissing using "rainy day procedures". Odd thing was... THERE WAS NO RAIN!!! Not even a dark cloud. Hell, there weren't really any clouds at all. WTF?!?!?

So for no known reason they were dismissing the kids ONE AT A TIME!!! Now though this pissed me off and I was surrounded by other pissed off parents I had B with me so it wasn't a catastrophe but had she been at her school it easily could have been. And to make matters worse it was not just disorganized but the principal and teachers were being so damn rude!!!

I honestly don't know how much more of this school I can take. It is driving me nuts. There are a few people who are really nice, positive and intelligent but they are they minority by far. I swear he's going to a school of morons and it's only a matter of time before he becomes one himself.