Friday, August 24, 2012

Pre-Pre-K School

D has an early September birthday. This has pros and cons. On the good side we have her being with me for a whole extra year. On the bad we have her all alone with me while all her friends went on to pre-k this year. So since I already work with her at home with a curriculum of sorts we just started back up. We are covering some of what we did last year with a few tweaks to make it new and a bit harder for her.

This is her "home school".
Week one of my "pre-pre-k" home school with D went really well. We worked again on the letter A, the number 1 and had lessons on "All About Me", "My Body", and "Humpty Dumpty".

When we did All About Me we made a scrapbook all about D. It was full of things she liked, her hand print, finger print, she even picked out images from the Internet to include in lists of her favorites.

When we worked on My Body we went over the less known parts or her body (like shin, calf, wrist). She laid down on the driveway and I traced her body and we labeled the parts. Then we made paper dolls using a template I found on We discussed where each part of clothes she made goes on the body and why we wear it. Then we played a game where we dressed the doll for the seasons.

Today we did Humpty Dumpty. I turned it into a creative arts project. We took a raw egg and using a needle I put a hole in the top and bottom and blew all the guts out. She then decorated her very own Humpty Dumpty.

While she was doing that I was hard boiling eggs so we could make "Humpty Dumpty Scrambled Eggs".

First she built them a wall. She'd place an egg on top of the wall each time and when we sang the part where he had a great fall she would knock him over. As we did it I asked why she thinks the egg fell? How could we keep it from cracking? Is there a way to put it back together again?
Then she rolled the cracked eggs around and peeled them with me. Once they were all naked I cut the in half and put the yolk in a bowl with mayo, mustard, garlic salt and onion powder. She mixed all the ingredients.  
Next it was time to put Humpty together again... so she stuffed the egg halves with the mixture all on her own. It was a mess but she loved it. The trickiest part was keeping her from eating it all before we they were all stuffed!

We also made a book on Humpty Dumpty where she colored the pictures of Humpty on a wall, Humpty falling, Humpty cracked and then Humpty fixed. She put them in order, First, next, then, last and we made a book with a slightly different rhyme:
Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
But Humpty did not cry.
He did not scream. Do you know why?
With a little tape, and a bit of glue...
He fixed himself up. Good as New!


 We also made a super cute craft for the letter A and to help with adding and subtraction that I stole from .
I changed ours up by doubling the monkeys and we each made a clothespin alligator. So when we roll dice we have to add or subtract that number. And of course you can sing the 5 Little Monkeys song and just take one away each time!

And we mad a clay ant out of Crayola Model Magic clay!

All in all it was both a very educational and fun week for both D and I! I don't know what I'll do next year when she's at school. Man I'll miss this.