Monday, August 13, 2012

The Vacations is Over

Yep, the vacation is over alright. We were only gone for like 5 days or something and it was great... but (and isn't there always a but?) it had it's hitches.

Let's ignore the fact that the cleaning service in the room was morally opposed to dusting knick knacks and the fact that the spare linens on the pull out couch were pretty dingy. The room other than that (and the lack of toilet paper) was still nice and since it was a condo rented from the owners there really wasn't anyone to call to come dust or bring up t.p. (though luckily knowing how hubby shits about 4 times a day I had the foresight to bring several extra rolls).

We went to the beach, sat by the pool, swam and ate to our hearts content (I think I personally ate more in food then what we paid for the condo)... but every day I had some sort of physical issue.

Night one I found myself with the most violent case of indigestion ever. I felt like an alien baby was trying to scratch it's way out of my chest.

Night two I had a headache that felt like the aforementioned alien baby crawled into my brain since it couldn't make it out my chest.

Night three I developed a rash on my stomach, thighs, armpits and boobs. I'm allergic to UV rays so the fact that I made it 3 days before my polymorphic light eruption hit was actually quiet an accomplishment.

Night four left me feeling like someone was playing hopscotch on my back all night with a pair of metal cleats thanks to the worst matress ever!

Throw in a few other cases of heartburn, some chaffing in spots I shouldn't mention thanks to a quickie we tried to squeeze in while the kids were watching TV (and that only lasted maybe 5 minutes tops), some razor burn from over shaving combined with salt, sand and sun and possibly the quickie and even a few hives and some swelling in my mouth from some unknown ingested allergen and medically I was a wreck.

But honestly none of that messed up the vacation.

Not even the little trivial shit that popped up on the website including some wackadoo bitching about a member posting their copyrighted shit on the site brought me down. But whilst on that subject let me add that yes the person did copy an entire story from another site... but they included the original sites name, address, author and 5 links back. But whatever. I deleted it so who cares. I just felt bad for the chick from our site... and I was honestly a little pissed because I know for a fact that many people visited their site because of their shit being shared WITH LINKS on mine. Whatever.

But still though that all got my bikini in a bunch it didn't ruin the trip. In fact... NOTHING DID!!! Sure we had some kinks but seriously it was awesome. We had fun and even through my itching, burning, swelling and pain I really enjoyed myself.

So upon our arrival home we open the door to a mess left by my dad a.k.a. the house sitter. The kids start bickering. There is somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 emails for the site and 300 for my personal stuff and a loonnngggg list of things to dos. Had the drive home not been the hint I needed it is now obvious... THE VACATION IS OVER.